"Who" is Team Elevate

People are really what makes us, well... us. So "who" the heck are "us"?
Meet the team in their own words:

Angela Crates - Administrative Genius

Having qualified as an Accountant and worked in the corporate world for a few years decided that small business was where my passion lies. Outside of work my main passion has been supporting my son as he grows up, with lots of involvement in Sea Scouts and Surf Life Saving. I really enjoy working with Elevates wonderful client's and helping them have a totally "outstanding" experience from start to finish.


Raewyn Anderson - Sales Representative

I have a passion for NZ businesses and the people who work in them. Meeting people who want that 'special' event is what I love doing, and getting teams outcomes met through fun and challenge is why I am so happy to be part of TEAM ELEVATE. I have a background in Training, Coaching and Facilitation for groups and individuals and a long standing relationship in the wonderful world of sales". Call me now to talk about your WoW! Experience for your team.

raewyn anderson

Morgan Clapham - Lead Facilitator

I love life, love seeing others enjoying themselves, and try to have FUN with everything I do. I've always been a really creative and social person, with a background in design and digital media, my role at Elevate just sort of fell into place... well let's be honest, they wanted me for my AWESOMENESS!! That aside I love getting out on events and working in this dynamic environment with such an incredible team of people, being involved in the fantastic difference Elevate makes is so rewarding!

Chris Gulley - Creative Director At Large

(currently working in the Germany office)

Having worked in the corporate sector in my 'formative' years, and then having invested time expeditioning and a few years outdoor instructing, I've managed to meld the two 'worlds' together. I don't do 'touchy feely', I'm not into holding hands and swaying, singing "Kum By Ya", nor do I think that people should be railroaded into high ropes and other such challenges that can do more harm than good - but 18 years ago that was, to a large extent, what "team building" was. That's why Elevate was born.

Oliver Parata - Facilitator

I joined the company as the F Word chef and fell in love with the job. As an ex military/Event Chef and bicycle technician I have the skills to help make your event amazing. I am full of beans I love mountain biking, climbing and challenging people. Soon I will be studying to become a teacher so I can guide some young minds. I cant wait to help you have a GREAT time at your event.

Tom Land - Facilitator

Tom is a confident public speaker, facilitator and MC who loves getting the best out of people. Tom takes challenges to the next level. People have described Tom as "Brilliant", "Amazing", "Too handsome to look at" and "Is Nice!" Tom has a passion for people and the environment.