Christmas Team Building Events

The following team building events are perfect for your 2017 end of year function. Contact us now to reserve your date.

These events include charitable elements which are, where possible, aligned to the Christmas theme (e.g. gifts for children in need).

Most of these events make a perfect transition from work to your Christmas dinner / party.


Self-Facilitated Scavenger Hunt

For the budget conscious, Elevate has designed the Self-Facilitated GooseChase for NZ teams and made it easy for you by providing full written, easy to follow, instructions to get you going. For any size (and shape) of group.

helping hands charity event
Helping Hands

Your team will get the chance to build artificial hands for donation overseas. The artificial hands that your teams build are sent to amputee land-mine victims that would not otherwise be able to afford a prosthesis.


GooseChase blends together the tried-and-true fun of a scavenger hunt with mobile technology. Teams compete using their smartphone with a mobile application, collecting photos to score as many points as possible in the time allowed. Ché slick!

amazing race team building
Amazing Race

One Race, Two Winners - do-able by everyone - yes 'everyone'. Our corporate Amazing Race puts teams against teams to work their way through Detours, Pit Stops and Road Blocks to find the First Place Getters and the Overall Winner.

charity team building event build a bike
Build My Ride

Complete team challenges, build brand new bikes, and then give them to deserving kids in person on the day... a “win win win win” event for your team, your organisation, the kids and you as the organiser.