Who are we?

Elevate Corporate Team Events started in 1995 running private outdoor adventures and team-building events throughout New Zealand.

Our aim then, as it still is now, was to bring a sense of fun and adventure to people's lives. We now solely focus on creating memorable team experiences with a charitable component for organisations all around the country.

We put social impact ahead of our profit and everything we do revolves around maximising our impact in the world.

Our Philosophy on Team Building Events

We believe that people in work places, by connecting behind higher purpose, perform better and contribute to a better world.

"Team building" - what does it mean?

To us 'team building' means doing something with your team which changes their state - whether that be simply boosting morale, developing teamwork skills, or getting to know each other better. The events we provide are focused around 'morale boosting' and 'getting to know you' for the participants.

Our experience, combined with client feedback, tells us, that these fun shared experiences, do make a lasting positive difference within a team.

We also provide events, which lean a bit more to the team 'development' side of the equation, such as Pipeline.

These events are short in duration, (2-3 hours) and can provide you with insights that will help promote a good culture within your team; where members collaborate, share knowledge, communicate and most importantly support one another.