Elevate the Company

We believe that people in workplaces, by connecting behind higher purposes, perform better and contribute to a better world.

For the past 21+ years, Elevate has been about...

Seeing YOU, our clients (60,000+ to date), buzzing DURING our events...

elevate team building events amazing race team building event

Seeing YOU, our clients, buzzing AFTER our events (over 3,500 to date)...

amazing race team building group charity bike team building bikes for tykes team building

Seeing THE COMMUNITY, especially the kids, benefit from YOUR event...

paint our playhouse charity team building bike building team event helping hands team building event

The Nitty Gritty on Elevate

Once upon a time... Elevate Corporate Team Events started life in 1995. Back then we ran private outdoor adventures as well as team-building events throughout New Zealand. Our aim then, as it is now, was to bring a sense of fun and adventure to people's lives. We now solely focus on creating unforgettable (for all the right reasons) team experiences for organisations all around the country.

Our Philosophy on Team Building Events

If you've read this far then you're definitely keen! "Team building" - what does it mean? That's a somewhat difficult question to answer as there are as many many different answers and opinions.

To us (being our own opinion) 'team building' means doing something with your team which changes their state - whether that be simply boosting morale, developing their teamwork skills or just getting to know each other better. The events we provide, and what we base 90% of our events around, are on the 'morale boosting' and 'getting to know' side of the equation. Our experience, combined with client feedback, tells us that these fun, shared experiences do make a lasting positive difference within a team.

We do also provide events (10% if our maths is correct), which swing a bit more to the team 'development' side of the equation (e.g. Pipeline) however, these events are only short in duration (2-3 hours) and can only go 'so far' in terms of developing a team and the individuals within the team. They may provide insights into your team, but what you do with these is your own choice. 'Real' team development is much bigger and broader than what we provide and, to be honest, is not our core strength. We partner with people/companies that can work with you in this regard and can recommend someone to work with your team if you so desire.

Whew - that's enough for here. If you would like to discuss any of the above further, please do call us and have a chat.