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What you don't want happening

We just had to share this with you as it got a good giggle out of us in the office...

If you have ever had to endure this, then be sure to contact us next time and we'll make sure you get something that's not naff, and wont have you wanting to get the first flight outta there.



What does a bike really mean to a young child?

Find out what a new bike actually means to a deserving child...

{japopup type="youtube" content="" group1=thickbox width="640" height="380" title="A foster mother talks about foster kids receiving new bikes"} Making a Difference video» {/japopup}


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Puzzle Answers

Got one of our pens, cards, or seen one of our vehicles and need the answer?


ALL world

It's a small world after all.



The Answer is TUNA FISH (we can hear you groan from here... sorry).


T    I    M    E
ab de

It's a long time and there's no 'c'...

Long time, no see.



4 in 'stance'

For instance


The day before 2 days after the day before tomorrow is Saturday... What day is it today?

The actual question is 'What day is it today?' (the rest is simply a statement unrelated to the question) - so the answer is whatever day it is right now.