‘Fun’ is the key driver of your Amazing Race. This, combined with the opportunity to work in a small team, can lead to some great teamwork insights and boosted morale. As a bonus, your team will make a difference by donating items to charity as part of the Race.

How It Works

Our corporate Amazing Race pits team against team, as they work their way through Detours, Pit Stops and Road Blocks to determine the overall winner.

"Two words - Belly Laughing. And who doesn't love a good belly laugh? The Amazing Race was a great event, even for our diverse workforce. Lovely to see the smiles on everyone's faces. I would definitely recommend it. Dressing up is a must!" - SnapComms

Tailoring the Amazing Race to Your Team

The intensity of your race is up to you - we can custom design a race to suit your specific team members, location, budget and to meet your desired outcomes. We recommend running the Amazing Race in a CBD area on foot, however, we can tailor the race to meet your requirements.

Contact us to discuss options.

"The Elevate team were highly professional with an incredible energy and ran the event smoothly. The feedback we have received has been incredible and everyone had the best time- we will definitely be doing this again! " - Exponential

We have run over 1,000 Amazing Race team building events! We know it works and we guarantee that 100%.

Event Details


Increased morale through a shared experience, planning, time management, strategy and communication 

Charitable component

A task performed during the event, resulting in items being gifted to a local charity

Group Size

Any size group


3 hours


Throughout NZ | NB: This event can be run in any weather


No matter your fitness level, we will tailor the race to suit your team