One Race, Two Winners. Do-able by everyone. Yes, everyone!

Just like on TV! You get to complete:

The Objective

The first team across the finish line is celebrated, as well as the overall winning team who have scored the most points. However, the ultimate winners are your entire team and the supported Charity.

"Two words - Belly Laughing. And who doesn't love a good belly laugh? The Amazing Race was a great event, even for our diverse workforce. Lovely to see the smiles on everyone's faces. I would definitely recommend it. Dressing up is a must!" - SnapComms

Tailoring the Amazing Race to Your Team

Intensity of your race is up to you - we can custom design a race just for your team taking into account your specific team members, your location, budget and aspirations. Normally we run these races in a CBD area on foot however, we can include all forms of transport. Contact us and we'll present you with some amazing (pun intended) options.

"The Elevate team were highly professional with an incredible energy and ran the event smoothly. The feedback we have received has been incredible and everyone had the best time- we will definitely be doing this again! " - Exponential

We have run over 1,000 Amazing Race team building events!! We know it works and we guarantee that 100%.

Important Information


Increased morale through a shared experience. Planning, time management, strategy and communication.

Group Size

Groups up to 500 people


2.5 - 3 hours. Length of the event can be tailored.


Any city or town centre anywhere in New Zealand.


This event can be run in any weather.


The Amazing Race can be completely tailored to suit your team's fitness levels.