You provide the team, we provide the challenges, the bikes, (the mechanic to check them), helmets and the children to receive them. What better formula for a team event than having some fun and making some deserving children very happy!

A memorable and rewarding event for your team, for you as the organiser and most importantly the children.

"Words really are an inadequate medium to express our gratitude for yesterday.  Thank you and your teams for providing such an amazing day for the children. Today has been one long conversation about what "we" are going to do on our bikes. Some children wanted their bikes in their bedroom last night in case they were stolen. After much assurance bikes and children had a peace filled night. This morning some children took their bikes to school and went through part one of a Sage cycling programme. Huge excitement and much concentration." - Pene and the Stand for Kids Team

"This activity is the best fun for a group and really interactive. But importantly it brings emotion into the room and reminds us that at the end of the day we are here to help others. There was not a dry eye in the room when the group realised who we were building the bikes for. I’m so proud we ran this event with Team Elevate. It was the stand-out best moment of our 2 days together. Highly recommend to anyone." - Merran Anderson at IAG 

You can see from the following video, that this will be a memorable event that impacts everyone in your team.

Tailoring Build My Ride to Your Team

The length of the event, the activities your team does to 'earn' bike parts and the charity you donate the bikes to, are all tailorable to your team.

Contact us to discuss options.

We work with charities such as Fostering Kids and Refugee Services, or a children’s charity you may already be working with.

Important information


Increased team cohesion and morale through an event with higher purpose, planning, time management, strategy and communication 

Charitable Component

Bikes for children

Group Size

10+ participants


3 hours | Limited for time? Ask us about our "Express BMR"


Throughout NZ

Space Requirements

Any suitable indoor space