An opportunity to explore your group's creative and artistic sides.

This team building event gives everyone in your group the opportunity to explore their creative and artistic sides, plus their ability to build an amazing construction from cans - and at the same time you will be contributing much needed food to your choice of charity such as the City Mission, Salvation Army or SPCA.

How It Works

At the start of this event each team is given the task of replicating an internationally famous statue, building or landmark - of YOUR choice. They will then be given stacks of full new cans, and a range of other materials, that they must use to build a replica of that statue / building / landmark.

During the event each team will need to meet the “Building Code” requirements to take out first place and bragging rights.

Before the canned goods are donated, photos will be taken of all of the sculptures, our judges will determine the best canned creation(s), and prizes will be awarded.


Tailoring CAN-struct to Your Team

This event can be easily tailored in terms of format, timing and venue. If you have a special 'thing' you would like replicas made of (e.g. your logo, a product you make, etc) then we can work with you to integrate this.

We work with many charities such as the Auckland City Mission, Salvation Army, SPCA and more - or a charity of your choice.

"I just wanted to say heart-felt thank you to the wonderful team at Elevate.
The ‘CANstruction’ was a great success…"
- Renee Brennan, GHD Engineering

Some Nitty Gritty About CANstruct


Increased team cohesion and morale through a charitable event

Other Benefits

Planning, time management, strategy, communication

Group Size



2 hours | Length of the event can be tailored


Throughout NZ | NB: This event can be run in any weather

Space Requirements

Can be ran indoors or outdoors.