Countdown - indoor team building pressure cooker

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Presented with 50 challenges and a tight time-frame, which team will accomplish the most? As the clock ticks down the pressure mounts, the room is frenetic and the tension is palpable... Time's Up! Which team will be crowned the Countdown Champions?

5. Each team is presented with a box containing a list of 50 challenges and a stack of resources...

4. The challenges are graded in difficulty with differing points and are a mix of mental and physical...

3. Teams are given a maximum time of sixty minutes in which to gain as many points as possible...

2. The teams must decide which challenges they think they can complete within the timeframe...

1. Each challenge is overseen or authenticated by our independent adjudicators...

Time's Up! Which team has done the best? Who will be crowned as the Countdown Champions?

The challenges are do-able by any team and are designed to involve everyone in your team. As many of the challenges are stationed around the room, there will be lots of movement and excitement throughout.

This event is motivating, huge FUN and has that great element of time pressure - perfect ingredients for a great team event.

Brilliant as a conference energiser or stand-alone event.

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Tailoring Countdown to Your Team

The length of the event and the challenges themselves all 'tailorable' to your team. We can also run this event 'bespoke' (i.e. where only your brand is visible). Contact us to discuss these options.

We have run well over 3,000 team building events!! We know this event works and we guarantee that 100%.

Some Nitty Gritty About Countdown

Benefits: Heightened morale through a fast-paced and fun event
Other Benefits: Planning, time management, strategy, communication
Group Size: Up to 500 people
Duration: 1.5 hours  | NB: Length of the event can be tailored
Location: Anywhere in NZ
Space Requirements: Countdown can be run in a conference room, hall or other large space

"Thanks Team Elevate for a well executed, fun and competitive team building exercise. It was exactly what was required to set the tone on the first day of an intensive three day conference." Tina Rutherford, Negociants ¦ More Testimonials »

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