GooseChase blends together the tried-and-true fun of a scavenger hunt with mobile technology. Teams compete using a smartphone with a mobile app, uploading photos and videos to score as many points as possible, in the time allowed.

How It Works

At the end of the event, we put together a slideshow of highlights, the winner is announced, and awards are presented.

"We would highly recommend Elevate as a facilitator of a next team event. All staff was required to be fully emerged of in the GooseChase they organized for our company, which resulted in a very cheerful and lively atmosphere for the whole day." - Diana Donker, AgFirst

A GooseChase typically runs for 1.5 hours. This varies slightly with the size of the group and the geographical area that teams need to cover. You supply the phones (one or more phones per team is required) we will supply the event and facilitation.

GooseChase provides a fresh twist on a scavenger hunt, is tons of fun and perfect for large groups, or those tight on time.

Elevate is New Zealand's sole partner for GooseChase and we have customised Missions for NZ teams.

Tailoring GooseChase to Your Team

The length of the event and the 'Missions' themselves are all tailorable to your team. We can also add in Missions that are specific to your company or team.

Contact us to discuss options.


Important information


A fun, shared experience using latest technology, planning, time management, strategy, communication and improved morale

Charitable component

Random acts of kindness

Group Size

Groups of any size


1.5 hours


Throughout NZ | NB: This event can be run in any weather

Space Requirements

GooseChase is an outdoor event. We recommend a CBD area but we can tailor it to any location