Your team will get the chance to build artificial hands for donation overseas. The artificial hands that your teams build are sent to amputee land-mine victims that would not otherwise be able to afford a prosthesis.

How It Works

"The whole team really enjoyed making the hands and working together. The event was excellent and we would not hesitate to recommend this to any team in the future." - Bell Gully


Tailoring Helping Hands to Your Team

The length of the event and the size of the teams are both 'tailorable' to your team. We can also run this event 'bespoke' (i.e. where only your brand is visible). Contact us to discuss these options.

We have run well over 3,000 team building events!! We know this event works and we guarantee that 100%.

Chris Gulley, Elevate Director, visited Bangalore in January 2018 to fit hands to people in need.

Here's a short video from this trip...

Event Details


A shared philanthropic experience for your team

Other Benefits

Planning, time management, communication, problem solving

Group Size



2.5-3 hours | Length of the event can be tailored


Anywhere in NZ | NB: This event can be run in any weather

Space Requirements

Any suitable indoor space