How It Works

The challenges are varied and within the context of Humanopoly, they work brilliantly. Challenges can include remote control car races, golf putting, balloon racing, dressing up, word puzzles etc. Our Elevate facilitators keep the pace fast and 'remind' teams of the rules.

"The team loved it. We couldn't stop laughing from the start to the finish. You haven't experienced fun until you do Humanopoly! TIRELESS FUN!!! Seriously!   Thank you so much! We had so much fun ….I think next time the teams will have a better strategy instead of running around like headless chooks.  The hosts were amazing! So awesome! I will definitely recommend to the other departments in our company" - Open Dairy Company

Perfect as a team activity for a conference, this unique huge fun team event, is unlike anything you've done before.

Tailoring Humanopoly to Your Team

The length of the event and the challenges themselves, are all tailorable to your team.

Contact us to discuss options.

Event Details


Increased team cohesion and morale through an event with higher purpose, planning, time management, strategy and communication

Charitable component

Donation to a local charity

Group Size

18 to 120 participants


1.5 hours


Throughout NZ

Space Requirements

Any suitable indoor space of at least 70sq metres minimum