The IQ Interactive Team Quiz isn't like a 'normal' quiz - sure, there’s trivia type questions, but there’s also a lot of interaction, movement and team challenges to maximise participation and enjoyment.

How It Works

Perfect for any size team, a conference activity or as an evening team activity.

We guarantee that everyone will be involved. Brainiac’s won't have any advantage, but switched-on teams will.

Humes had a fantastic time with the quiz night and the staff really stepped up and made this an event to remember. Thank you very much for the wonderful service provided. - Jenny Chapman, Humes


Tailoring IQ Interactive Quiz to Your Team

The length of the event and the challenges themselves are all tailorable to your team. We can design each quiz specifically for our client after consultation.

Contact us to discuss options.

Important information


Heightened morale through a fast-paced and fun event, planning, time management, strategy and communication

Charity component

Cans of food

Group Size

25+ participants


1.5 hours


Throughout NZ

Space Requirements

Any suitable indoor space