A combination of an Amazing Race and Build My Ride this charity team activity is a competitive event and a brilliant way to improve morale through a shared experience and the simple act of giving. Perfect as a conference team building event.

How It Works

Teams race to gain parts for brand new bikes, build the bikes, and then give them to deserving children, in person, on the day.

The “Amazing Race” part of the event, pits team against team, as they work their way through Detours, Pit Stops and Road Blocks;

...to gain bike parts to use in the “Build My Ride” part of the event.

The “Build My Ride” part of the event is where teams race to build their bike and find the winner, (based on points throughout the event).

The most memorable part of this event is giving the bikes to deserving children in person, on the day. Everyone wins, but being the winning team is an extra bonus.

Please note; our bikes are checked over by a qualified mechanic before the children get to take them home.


Tailoring Race to Ride to Your Team

The intensity of your event is up to you - we can custom design an event for your specific team members, your location and to achieve your goals.

Contact us to discuss options.

We work with charities such as Fostering Kids and Refugee Services, or can look at working with a children’s charity you may already have a relationship with.

Event Details


Increased team cohesion and morale through an event with higher purpose, planning, time management, strategy and communication 

Charitable component

Bikes for children

Group Size

10+ participants


3 hours


Throughout NZ

Space Requirements

This event is run outdoors and indoors. An indoor space is required to build the bikes