Team Building Hamilton

Elevate runs many team building events in the mighty Waikato. Hamilton is perfect for an Amazing Race, and anywhere in the region works well for Build My Ride and any other of our events. We have also run many off-site events in Raglan and Cambridge.

To arrange your next team building event in the Waikato contact:
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Team Building Hamilton Events

The following team building events can all be run in Hamilton and the mighty Waikato and beyond.

Amazing Races

One Race, Two Winners. Our corporate Amazing Race pits teams against teams to work their way throughout the city as they navigate their way to find the First Place Getters and the Overall Winner.

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Build My Ride

Build brand new bikes to give to deserving kids and, at the same time, build your team... a "win win win win" event for your team, your organisation, the kids and you as the organiser.

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Race to Ride

A combination of an 'Amazing Race' and 'Build My Ride'. Teams race to gain parts for brand new bikes, build the bikes, and then end up giving them to deserving children.

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International Pipeline

This is a hands-on 'real' team building activity requiring real teamwork plus inter-team collaboration, negotiation and competition, which will have everyone in your team totally absorbed. 

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Tailored Events

After almost two decades of running team building events, we're experts at tailoring events for our clients. Whether it be tweaking one of our existing events, or coming-up with something completely new, our professional team will be able to produce an event that will knock your socks off.



Start with Monopoly, add a touch of chaos, a dash of craziness, some teams of unsuspecting people, a MASSIVE amount of FUN and you have yourself Humanopoly!

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IQ Quiz

A Pub Quiz meets 'Cranium' on Steroids. The IQ Interactive Team Quiz isn't like a 'normal' pub quiz - sure, there's trivia type questions, but there's also a lot of interaction, movement and team challenges to maximise participation and enjoyment.