Charity Team Building involving Building and Donating

The simple act of building something and giving it away to a worthy recipient is extremely powerful. Add in our carefully designed team building elements, and it is a winning formula for everyone - for the participants, for you as the organiser and also for the people who will benefit from what your team has built. Charity team building events that make a real positive difference to everyone involved - not just the recipients.

charity team building event build a bike
Build My Ride

Complete team challenges, build brand new bikes, and then give them to deserving kids in person on the day... a “win win win win” event for your team, your organisation, the kids and you as the organiser.

helping hands charity event
Helping Hands

Your team will get the chance to build artificial hands for donation overseas. The artificial hands that your teams build are sent to amputee land-mine victims that would not otherwise be able to afford a prosthesis.

pipeline team development team building

This is a hands-on 'real' team building activity requiring real teamwork plus inter-team collaboration, negotiation and competition, which will have everyone in your team totally absorbed. Now including the "Water Works" Charity component.

can-struct team building event

This team building event gives everyone in your group the opportunity to explore their creative and artistic sides, plus their ability to build an amazing construction from cans - and at the same time you will be contributing much needed food to your choice of charity such as the City Mission, Salvation Army or SPCA.

paint-our-playhouse-team-building Paint Our Playhouse

AUCKLAND ONLY: Teams get to assemble kitset playhouses, then make a snazzy design and paint them before they are donated to kindergartens. The kindy kids will select the winners - and they are tough judges! See how tough by clicking the video button below... (due to the logistics with this event, we can only offer it in the Auckland Region).