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IQ Interactive Quiz - DFK Oswin Griffith Carlton

We all had a grand time. Lots of the team members said that it was hands down the best Quiz they had ever attended. So much going on at once, it certainly kept everyone involved. Both times we have used Team Elevate, our team spirit has been ‘elevated’ It is always wonderful to see the ‘shy and quiet’ show their fun side. Working with your team is always a pleasure and you all make it very easy to organise a team event.

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Build My Ride - Aspen Pharmacare

We had such a fantastic time and it was so appropriate for our team! This was done on the first day of an intense 5-day Conference, which really loosened everybody up! The team's response at the beginning when they first walked in to the room was very stiff and negative. I think that was due to the fact that they had no control over what was happening and they knew absolutely nothing other than it was a Team Building session. Throughout the session it became very competitive and quite interesting between the two teams. Once the two little girls walked in, some of the ladies got emotional. But it gave everyone more purpose for what they were doing; determined to complete the last task. Overall, there was alot of laughter!!! Everyone participated and enjoyed themselves. It was a very welcoming atmosphere for two new staff members who started that day. We would DEFINITELY be using your services again!

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Aspen Build My Ride w



Build My Ride - BCITO

It was great, worked really well in the space we had, flowed really well no down time. Team really enjoyed the activities and the surprise of the kids turning up. Lots of comments of the best team building they have been involved in.

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BCITO Build My Ride w



Amazing Race - Petroleum Services Hamilton

OMG! Fantastic, Exceeded expectations. It was AMAZING, yes it brought us all closer together and everyone had so much fun!! I will highly recommend this to anyone wanting to do some team building and we may choose to do this again sometime.

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Petro services Collage w



Humanopoly - NZ Young Farmers

It was awesome. The team loved it and it really worked with our very competitive staff. So much fun and a great mix of skill, laughter and fun.

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youn farmers humanopoly w



Self-Facilitated GooseChase - Tourism Holdings Ltd

The event was amazing! We worked in teams of 3 to complete the missions, which made the drive to Waitomo literally fly by. It was really cool to see how the other teams were tracking and to see their hilarious photos. Self-Facilitated Goosechase in cars – Auckland to Waitomo.

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Tourism Holdings goosechase w



Amazing Race - CFS Financial

We just expected an organised event and it definitely exceeded that, your staff were great. The whole event was so enjoyable – loved how the beginning started with the Gingernut!

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CFS Financial Amazing Race w



Amazing Race - Delegat

Thanks again for a really great event – the whole team absolutely loved it! You guys ran a great event, and it perfectly suited our day, thanks. I wasn’t expecting us to be pushed out of our comfort zone quite so much, so it was really interesting to see how everyone went with it – but something for everyone there, whether it was choosing which detours to do, or how much physicality there was. Without a doubt the whole team also loved the charitable element as well.

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Delegat Amazing Race w



Build My Ride - Aluro Healthcare

We loved it and Captain Morgan and Ollie were fantastic facilitators. It was of fun and very well organised and exactly what we were after as a team building event with a purpose. Top notch, outstanding! We would definitely recommend Elevate for a team event. OMG! Fantastic event!

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Build My Ride - Wellesley College (Wgtn)

Superbly organised and run. Our Build My Bike event was the most amazing team building exercise we have ever undertaken. The staff were buzzing at the conclusion of the event and fulsome in their praise for such a worthwhile team building exercise.

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Build My Ride - Chow Hill

Everyone found it extremely memorable and very well run. Morgan and the Build my Ride Team brought a wonderful combination of professionalism, positive energy and community spirit which created a very special day for our Team.

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Amazing Race - KS Holdings

Very well planned, very fun and action packed. The team all loved it and it set a fun mood for the remainder of our Xmas party evening :) The Elevate team were very friendly and accommodating, and knew how to get all 170 of our staff in a fun and competitive mood! Very happy with how well planned and executed the whole race was (the bribery element lent a new and extra fun aspect to it!) thanks for a great event :)

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Countdown - Aeroworks

At first they were not really keen but they really enjoyed it once they got into it. The event was fun and fast paced and the general feedback has been that the guys enjoyed it immensely.

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Humanopoly - Open Dairy Co.

The team loved it. We couldn't stop laughing from the start to the finish. You haven't experienced fun until you do Humanopoly! TIRELESS FUN!!! Seriously! Thank you so much! We had so much fun ….I think next time the teams will have a better strategy instead of running around like headless chooks. The hosts were amazing! So awesome! I will definitely recommend to the other departments in our company.

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Amazing Race - Exponential

The Elevate team were highly professional with an incredible energy and ran the event smoothly. The feedback we have received has been incredible and everyone had the best time- we will definitely be doing this again!

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Amazing Race - SnapComms

Two words - Belly Laughing. And who doesn't love a good belly laugh? The Amazing Race was a great event, even for our diverse workforce. Lovely to see the smiles on everyone's faces. I would definitely recommend it. Dressing up is a must!

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Countdown - Randwick Park School

The teachers loved the Countdown event. This is our third year using Elevate - each year has been different but always just as much, if not more fun!

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Helping Hands - Bell Gully

The whole team really enjoyed making the hands and working together. The event was excellent and we would not hesitate to recommend this to any team in the future.

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Self-Facilitated GooseChase - Travel & Co.

Good fun. It was raining which I was concerned about - but everyone had great time regardless. We'd mixed the team so was good for team building and communication.

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IQ - Paymark

Heaps of fun, with our teams dressing up it really added to the fun of the event - and Elevate really highlighted our value Courageous with one of the costumes in particular which was great. Lots of laughter and engagement through to the end.

Jennifer Green

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Amazing Race - Fletcher Construction

Sam and the team at Elevate were fantastic at facilitating our event. They had a great sense of humour, which was needed with our guys. They appreciated the effort the various teams went to for the best dressed team and kept their humour when our guys gave them verbal bantering to get clues! They adapted efficiently to the last minute drop off of one team and gave clear instructions to all regarding the rules and instructions. Excellent event and thoroughly enjoyed by all of our participants with some envious comments from those who didn’t make it which will encourage all to participate in the future. Thank you very much to all of the organisers & facilitators we really appreciate the effort and the value gained for our teams.

Carmel Lapwood

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Build My Ride - CRV Ambreed

It was simply amazing to see our staff all collaborate with positive attitudes to create something as simple as a first bike, I couldn't believe how well all ten teams worked together, not one person sat back with a "I don't want to" attitude. However, when our "higher purpose" made their high energy entrance, WOW, what an impact. From tear filled eyes to "OMG, I better tighten those screws" everyone felt that. Our teams positive attitude continued for the rest of our conference which meant it truly was THE team building experience. There are no words to describe how this incredibly rewarding experience has impacted on our team. Thank you so much to Elevate for everything.

Jo Latimer

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Humanopoly - Rothbury

What an amazing event! The activities catered to every age/skill level and everyone had a laugh. Great for team building and letting loose and having a bit of fun. Thanks Elevate!

Chontelle Asiata

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Build My Ride - Stand for Kids (Charity Organisation)

Words really are an inadequate medium to express our gratitude for yesterday. Thank you and your teams for providing such an amazing day for the children. Today has been one long conversation about what "we" are going to do on our bikes. Some children wanted their bikes in their bedroom last night incase they were stolen. After much assurance bikes and children had a peace filled night. This morning some children took their bikes to school and went through part one of a Sage cycling programme. Huge excitement and much concentration.


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Amazing Race - Cut Above Academy

A great day of team builing fun, a great way of bringing teams togther in a different way which helps to highlight different peoples skills and strengths ......worth every cent! Highly receommended!


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Pipeline - Fairfax Media NZ

This activity is a great opportunity for teams to see how regional isolation can impact effectiveness.

Samantha Mackay

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GooseChase - Freyberg Community School

Just wanted to email you guys to let you know what an amazing job you all did for our event on Friday night, and how much the staff all enjoyed it! Even the people who aren't really into that sort of activity have commented already this morning about how much fun they had. It really was awesome - and the fact that I was on the winning team made it even better, haha! Anyway, we've had lots of staff looking on your website and requesting that we do a different staff challenge each year, so I will definitely be in touch again soon. Thanks again - and special thanks to Kate and her assistant - they did a really good job too.

Maria Dopheide

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Build My Ride - Charity Feedback - Happiness House, Queenstown

What a fantastic event you held on Wednesday 3rd July. All of our 15 children, their parents and siblings were blown away by the surprise of the new bikes and helmets, I’m pretty sure the participants of your event were too. It was a pleasure to work with you and meet some of the team. We really appreciate your continued support of our Community Support Centre and can’t thank you enough.

Karen Stuart

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Build My Ride - Charity Feedback - Child Cancer Foundation

Thank you so much for organising the bikes for <the two children>. The smiles on the faces of not only the kids and their parents, but also the lovely people making the bikes, were delightful. Both <the two children> just loved the bikes – I hope you have seen a photo of them riding them. Neither child had been let in on what was happening, so it was a lovely surprise. Poor wee <one of the children> was in hospital in Wellington the next day for surgery so the bike certainly gave her something to take her mind off what was coming up – plus I believe it has helped her in her recovery. Thank you again, it is a wonderful activity for those doing the building and those receiving the bikes.

Bev Randall

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Pipeline - LIC

One of the best team building events I have attended even though we had 130 people and were confined in a small area, it was really great.

Sandra Ayers

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Build My Ride - Deloitte

Team elevate have again delivered an amazing event for our 100 new graduates for 2013. Not only did the groups have lots of fun but they were also challenged, both mentally and sometimes physically and took away some great insights on how they work in teams when under pressure. This will be invaluable for them going forward, in their new roles when working on projects together.

Peat Lynam

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Build My Ride - Smith & Smith

If your objectives are clear for what you want to achieve in team building, then Elevate will identify the right activity for your people and deliver results in the most fun and memorable way. They are fantastic.

Greg Liddingdon

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Build My Ride - Telecom

I would like to extend a personal thank you to you and your team for an excellent day on Friday the 21st here at Telecom Place. I’ve had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the team and that’s just so fantastic. The day ran so smoothly and provided endless fun and laughter. It was also so wonderful when the kids came in to an eruption of applause from our staff, they were truly touched by the experience and some really relished in the opportunity to do something worthwhile for some needy children. Here are just a few of the comments I’ve received: “It was an unbelievable experience to share with the kids”, “there was a moment at the end when we were handing over the bike to the little boy that really touched me”, “some teams believed it was the best team building event they attended”.

Joanne Bradley, Telecom

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Amazing Race - Westpac

Fantastic team building, extremely well organised, great facilitators and loads of fun. The price was a bargain also, much more reasonable than some other event organisers.

Kylie Warne, Westpac

Build My Playhouse - Electrix

If you would like to contribute to your community in a way that is fun and enjoyable for everyone, then I highly recommend this Build your Playhouse event. All our teams thoroughly enjoyed the day. The obstacles were fun and challenging at the same time.  Thank you Elevate for this amazing event!!

Sandy Olivier, Electrix

Build My Ride - BDO

Having a tangible result at the end of a team building event was fantastic. The Build My Bike event really fits well with our values and as an induction event for our graduates it served to get them working together and getting to know each other, but also it showed them that BDO is about giving back to the community. Everyone was really amazed at the end of the session when CCF came in and it left the day on a very high note.

Debra Ryan, BDO

Humanopoly - Thomson Reuters

A great way to get to know your team – and suitable for any age and fitness level. Even those usually reluctant to join in had a fantastic time!

Lee-Ann Kritos, Thomson Reuters


Another Warm Fuzzy - Build My Ride - Izazi

Hello, on Thursday, May 17th, my consulting firm participated in the Build a Bike event. We knew what the event was and specifically pursued it as a means of a celebration of the hard work our team had done this year! It was an excellent event, made all the better than expected (which was quite high expectations to begin with) by Liz, the Elevate Event co-ordinator for us. Great thanks go out to her from me for how much fun she made everything! Truly excellent! Liz took a good day and made it great! Thank you Liz.

Russ Willis, Izazi

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Build My Ride - ANZ

An excellent team building event, with superb facilitation, the outcomes of which not only surpassed our expectations by injecting a healthy dose of team spirit and bonding, but took it to a whole new level by supporting the community in such a wonderful way. The impact of what was achieved and the smiles on those children's faces will last with the team for quite some time to come.

Sharon van Barneveld

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